My love of photography truly came from my fascination of the ins and outs of cameras. Every time I went to grandmas house I would get out her big fancy camera and figure out what all the buttons did. After my technical brain was satisfied I became in love with the art of it. Not only could this camera capture light but it could also capture time. The idea that color and images can express emotion and story fascinates me.  

I'm a professional photographer. With that title comes the great ability to be the (go-to knowledge on what camera to buy guy). This is a status I quite enjoy actually. The texts usually go.. "Hey Braydon, I'm just getting into photography and want to get a camera. Not too expensive but something that will take great photos." I usually tell them that Sony is killing it right now and the a6000 a6300 or 6500 are great options depending on your price range. After that I tell them that the lens is really where your options open up. At this point I  just want to sit them down and tell them exactly what all those numbers mean and how they influence a photo. For example. 24-70mm f/2.8 or 50mm f/1.8. People don't understand these crazy camera terms.  After I tell them they should get a 50mm f1.8 to shoot cute photos of their kid I tell them to let me know when the get the camera so I can come over and teach them how to use it. I'll teach them what the P S A and M stand for and what they do to create magic.  This is the purpose of this website. I offer personal sessions to teach all the things you need/want to know about your cameras. If you read this far you should definitely book a session.



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